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 Lesson 1: What Is Your Learning Style?
Take some online learning style inventories. Select the inventories you are interested in taking. You might want to open the document that is provided above in the button bar, and record your results on the html page provided. In the interest of time, you only need to choose one, but two or more would be nice. Share your learning styles with colleagues.
Title of Inventory
Your Inventory Report
Index of Learning Styles Questionnaire

North Carolina State University
Barbara A. Soloman 
Richard M. Felder provide interesting internal links to more information on learning styles

Assesses preferences on 4 of the 5 dimensions of the Felder-Soloman Model
Active - Reflective
Sensing - Intuitive
Visual - Verbal
Sequential - Global
DVC Learning Style Survey for College

developed by: Catherine Jester
Diablo Valley College
Learning Disability Specialist © Copyright 1999 For Educational Uses Only

Assesses your primary learning style from these four preferences
Visual - Verbal
Visual - Nonverbal
Tactile - Kinesthetic
Auditory - Verbal
Learning Style Inventory

Honolulu Community College
An intranet faculty development site

A non-interactive learning inventory with scoring procedures and learning style suggestions  
The Keirsey Temperament Sorter

Copyrighted © 1998 David Keirsey

On a 70 item questionnaire, participants are assessed on
Attentive - Expressive
Introspective - Observant
Tender - Tough
Probing - Schedule

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